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This shop is:

  • LGBTQIA+ Owned
  • Neuro Divergent Owned
  • Women Owned

photography,mixed media, collage, fun things, dark, neo-punk, awesome!

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photography,mixed media, collage, fun things, dark, neo-punk, awesome!

I have a genuine need to express myself through my art and also make cute everyday items for myself & others! My inspiration comes mostly from nature: the sea, sand, trees and sky are very common themes in my photography. but I also like to explore feminism, crushing the patriarchy, and women's rights!

I am also an abuse/ed survivor, sober/clean "spoonie", pushing for #change through art and sm! I love to paint and to create patterns of almost anything that’ll look cute/weird!

In my shop you will find:


wall art and modern accessories for your home decor


affordable modern clothing in fashionable designs and edgy styles


fashionable and trendy accessories for you and your loved ones!!! :)

All collections are frequently updated and there are sales and promotions weekly or every few days so don't be a stranger!

Feel free to email me: contact_gasponce@yahoo.gr or drop me a note at the home page form @ my website for custom coloration on the stuff you like or whatever other enquiries you might have!

Don't forget to subscribe for awesome updates on new designs and heads-up for super promotions like free shipping codes and discounts: https://contactgasponce.wixsite.com/gasponce

Buy Me a Coffee if you feel like supporting my work in other ways ,like helping me with resources, materials, books etc,!